My name is Mark Arts and I'm currently studying media technology at the HRO in Rotterdam.it's an study focused on webdevelopment and creativity.I'm in the second year and looking forward for my stage and can't wait to start putting the skills that I have been learning too use

At the moment i live at the border of Rotterdam with my parents. I'm looking for a place of my own but i don't mind living of my parents for a little while longer :p

What i enjoy the most of programing is solving a problem. No matter what you make you will always encounter some problems on the way. Be it something simple as using a database or creating a html5 multiplayer cross-browser game. it keeps you focused while working and when something difficult works it's just awesome

Besides programing i enjoy composing and playing music. When i was little i stared playing the accordion until the keyboard became more interesting. After learning myself to play piano i stared composing some classic music with Finale (composing program) and never stopped. I even tried 1 year of composing at an Conservatorium but i rather make music it my own pace. At the moment I'm making Chiptune with famitracker



This is where you can find me on the Interwebs

Email: markarts@thomassio.nl

Git: github.com/105424

Facebook: Mark Arts

Soundcloud: KurKami

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